Database Design, Development and Reporting

10+ years of experience in database/schema design, query tuning, index tuning, SQL development, troubleshooting locking and blocking issues, data analysis, custom reporting and data visualization.

.NET Development Using C# and PowerShell

7+ years experience with PowerShell and 2+ years of experience working with C# and .NET to build back end services integrating with 3rd party API's, web scraping, ETL processes and task automation.

Tools & Technologies

AWS Services (incl. Console, CloudWatch, EC2, S3, SES, SNS, Secrets Manager)Azure Data Studio (ADS)Azure DevOpsChrome DevToolsConfluenceDBAToolsDockerElasticsearchExcelFiddlerGitJiraPostmanPowerShellRabbitMQRed Gate ToolbeltSisense BI ReportingSplunkSQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)SQL Server ProfilerSQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)SVNUpsourceVisual StudioVS Code


Industry leader software solution for home-based care, streamlining everything from scheduling, mapping and routing to billing, compliance and revenue cycle management

Data Engineer III

May, 2022 Present

Jun, 2012 May, 2022
A data mining company dedicated to identifying leads in automotive dealerships customer data with the goal of helping them increase customer retention and sales.

Database Developer

Oct, 2015 May, 2022
Primarily working with SQL, C# and PowerShell; improved products by working with development and product teams to engineer back-end services, build databases and design schemas. Implemented ETL processes for importing, cleansing and normalizing automotive dealership data to be processed by our proprietary calculation engine.
  • Collaborated with 3rd party data providers to build integrations for tasks such as SalesForce data syncing, email/address sanitization, data appends and ETL processes
  • Helped maintain and improve an elaborate calculation engine written in SQL to support new features and settings
  • Tuned existing SQL code to run faster and more efficiently reducing both runtime and resource usage through query and index tuning by analyzing execution plans, server statistics, dynamic management views (DMV's), SQL Server First Responder Kit and SentryOne Plan Explorer
  • Worked on many ETL projects using SQL, C#, PowerShell and batch scripting, and SSIS packages
  • Contributed to complex back-end services written in C# utilizing technologies such as Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, Amazon SNS, Amazon SES, Amazon S3, Docker, Selenium web scraping, and handling files via FTP
  • Experience with using collaboration and CI/CD tools including Jenkins, Slack, Upsource, Jira and Confluence
  • Worked primarily with SQL Server versions 2008, 2012, 2014 practicing good HA/DR policies, using replication and Always On availability groups
  • Used AWS tools for troubleshooting, logging and deployment such as CloudWatch, CodeDeploy, and managing/monitoring servers through EC2

Senior IT Support Analyst

Jun, 2012 Oct, 2015
As an IT Support Analyst I was responsible for quickly triaging and troubleshooting issues in client data. Worked directly with clients over the phone to assist fixing data delivery issues. Built systems and tools to automate detection of bad data quality and reduce the work needed to fix.
  • Worked heavily with SSRS to write custom reports for all business needs ranging from simple tablix reports to intricate reports with benchmarks, charts, and complex expressions
  • Established a reporting data warehouse to ensure consistent metrics across all reports

IT Intern / Network Technician

Oct, 2008 Jun, 2012
Supported a large multi-location network which hosted on-prem services for hundreds of civil engineers. Assisted in the installation and configuration of SAN, virtualization, network and power equipment.
  • Eliminated the need for hiring Cisco consultants by learning to support the Cisco devices through personal research, and formal courses offered at the local college
  • In charge of installing, configuring and managing network monitoring software for hundreds of network devices using Nagios
  • Established a reliable system for imaging and deploying desktops for new users


MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development

Microsoft • Certified 2021


Riverside Community College

Cisco Networking certification program • 2009 — 2013

Focused on computer science and Cisco networking. Completed the 4 course Cisco Networking certification program, and received a certificate of completion.

Personal Projects

Writer • Dec, 2020 — Present

I've always enjoyed teaching, and I love learning new technologies and sharing tips and tricks I've picked up over the years. So back in Dec 2020 I decided to build my own blog.

Developer • 2015 — Present

"Schema Search" as I've been calling it, is a stored procedure that focuses on searching the contents of system objects in order to help my understanding of the SQL Server system tables. Eventually, it turned into a tool that I use, at minimum, on a daily basis. The project is hosted on GitHub and is licensed for anyone to use or contribute!

Outside Interests

In my free time I enjoy writing on my blog about SQL and PowerShell, working on technical home projects such as smart home automation, networking, 3D printing and 3D design. I also like to contribute to StackOverflow, Reddit communities for SQL/PowerShell and the SQL community Slack channel by helping answer peoples questions.

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